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Finally ladies…a drinking game for us wine lovers!

Picture corn hole and beer pong and then throw wine in and whaa laa! You have Cork Toss!

Cork Toss is an exciting game where Corks are the game pieces for a new era of gaming. With other games, if you lose or break a bean bag or ping-pong ball, you have to go to the store or stop playing. With Cork Toss, if you lose a cork, you just open a bottle of wine and you instantly have a new game piece! How cool is that?!

It’s the perfect drinking game for not just women but everyone! A game where you had almost unlimited game pieces and could easily change the game difficulty by changing the size of the glass. A game you could have at your home, at your business or both. A game that everyone wants to play. And who really can pass up another reason to drink wine? LauRen loves this and so do we!

Check it out here!

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