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UK retailer New Look called out for charging twice the amount for a plus-size jacket.

For those of us who aren’t exactly a size two, finding clothes that are cute and stylish can be hard, and with one company it can also be more expensive, and people are not at all happy about it.

The British fashion retailer New Look is getting blasted for charging more money for their plus-size clothing. The whole controversy started when shopper Sarah Doherty posted on Twitter that the company was selling two similar jackets, but the plus-size one was almost twice the price. The jacket in question is a grey bomber jacket, and while the regular sized item costs $39, the plus-size one costs $72.

But New Look is defending themselves, arguing that the two jackets may look the same, but they are made of different materials. They also have two different names, although they are similar, with the regular sized jacket described as a “mink suedette faux fur collar aviator jacket,” while the plus-size one is described as a “curves mink faux shearling aviator jacket.”

What’s more, they note that not all of their plus-size clothes are priced differently than the “normal” sizes, although their website does show several instances of plus-size items costing more, although unlike the jackets the difference in price is just a few dollars.

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