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MIAMI BEACH, FL - JULY 18: Jeff Baughman unwraps his Double Quarterpounder with cheese and a Super Fries and a Super Coke on July 18, 2002 at a McDonalds in Miami Beach, Florida. The health effects of an American diet of super-sized fast foods are becoming apparent as increasing numbers of children and adults are being treated for obesity. Studies seem to point to the fact that many overweight children and adults get a large portion of their calories by consuming too many sodas and sweetened juices and beverages. Sweetened drinks + "super-sized" meals + the convenience of fast food + a decrease in physical activity = a recipe for obesity. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

We all know that Elvis Presley craved peanut butter and banana sandwiches, but what about you guys? Check out what listeners had to say were their strange pregnancy food cravings!

Roy played husband for a friend when he went out to get her food one night. He thought offering to get her something would be simple, but she had a weird craving that meant he would have to go to multiple places. She wanted a Mcdonalds hot fudge sundae without the fudge, but substituted with Fruity Pebbles. She also wanted McDonald’s fries, and Burger Kings chicken fries. Roy returned to her place only to find out she wanted him to pick up the Fruity Pebbles for the sundae!¬†Pregnant women are notorious for craving weird food combinations. We opened up the phone lines to hear from listeners some of their weird food cravings. It seems fairly common for pregnant women to crave fresh fruit, but one woman would eat cheese covered in mustard!! The most unique combination we heard was probably pickles with mint chocolate chip ice cream!! Not sure if it’s as weird as it sounds, or if I should try it?

Check out Roy’s story and the cravings we heard below, and let us know your strange food cravings @theMRLshow