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Only Eat Factory-Wrapped Treats --- Yeah, it's great that people want to offer up healthy alternatives or home made treats, but it's not the safest option. Opposite idea, if you'd rather not hand out candy, hand out non-food related items.

You might want to make The Switch Witch a Halloween tradition for your family…. Check out why.

So everyone loves Halloween candy, kids especially! But we all know that too much candy is not good for you, and definitely not great for your teeth. So what do you do when your kid goes trick-or-treating and brings home a pile of teeth rotting candy? Well, that’s when you get a visit from The Switch Witch! This is when The Switch Witch comes to your house and leaves you a toy or something in return for some of your candy. What a smart solution for cavities and too much candy consumption. Your kids can still enjoy the fun and excitement of Trick-or-Treating, but you won’t have to worry about them eating too much! Check out the audio below where Maney explains what The Switch Witch is and what she left at his house in return for some of his sons candy!