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The wine review site Vivino has just come out with their annual chart pairing Halloween candy with wine, we have it!

There’s no doubt a lot of adults are excited for that moment on Halloween when the kids go to sleep and they can raid their candy bags. In fact, the only thing that would make that moment better is the perfect glass of wine to go with those treats, and thanks to Vivino, finding that perfect combo is easy.

Among the recommended pairings:

Hershey’s chocolate – Syrah (red)
3 Musketeers – Sparkling Chenin Blanc (white)
Kit Kat – Pinot Noir (red)
Laffy Taffy – Sherry (red)
Skittles – Madeira (red)
Reese’s – Gamay (red)
Snickers – Tokaji (a white Hungarian dessert wine)
Starburst – Moscato D’Asti (white)
Twix – Vin Santo (white)
Twizzlers – Rosé

So drink up! And make sure you wait for the kids to fall asleep before you take all their treats for yourself!