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Rumors are everywhere in high school, but have you ever found out a rumor about yourself once high school ended?

Maney came across a Facebook post from a woman he used to work with. After attending a High School Reunion she was surprised to find out that in high school people thought she was “promiscuous” when she only messed around with two people. This sparked the conversation of “have you ever found out something about yourself from the past?” LauRen found out that people thought she was dating one of her best guy friends. Maney found out that people thought he was the person who stole something from a house that was under construction. Listeners then called in and revealed some of the rumors they found out about themselves. Brea found out everyone thought she was dating all of the football players, when she was actually just training them. Kenzie shared that she moved from New York in 5th grade, and returned 10 years later only to find out everyone thought she had died. Maryanna found out at her High School Reunion that people thought she had a baby with her ROTC instructor. Yikes! Check out the segment below and let us know if there’s any rumors you found out about yourself @theMRLshow