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FRANKFURT (ODER), GERMANY - APRIL 16: Cars, many of them with Germans who will shop for cigarettes, groceries and other everyday items in Poland, drive from Frankfurt an der Oder in Germany across a bridge over the Oder River into the town of Slubice at the German-Polish border on April 16, 2014 at Frankfurt and der Oder, Germany. May 1 will mark ten years since the European Union expanded east, taking in countries like Poland, the Czech Republic and the Baltic states as new members. And though the border region between Germany and Poland is flourishing with trade and cultural exchange, the open border has also brought a sharp rise in crime, especially car theft, in communities in Germany close to Poland. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Yes, you read that correctly. A man got fined for his decision to belt out a 1990s dance hit.

We’ve all been there.. sitting in traffic on 77 and your song comes on that takes over your body. Next thing you know you are in a car concert thinking you can hit all those notes.

Well, that was the case for a Canadian man. He had his windows mostly rolled up and was happily belting out the 1990s hit, “Everybody Dance Now.” Then things took a turn. He got stopped and was left with a $149 ticket for being too loud in public.

He is going to try and fight the ticket because he doesn’t think he was being as loud as the police say he was. At first he just thought they were going to tell him to get out of their way.

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