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Although you should really refrain from the drunk text, we have the guide to help when you can’t help yourself..

More often than not, drunk texting is a giant disaster. You usually end up saying way too much to the wrong person or making yourself look like a fool in front of the guy you’ve been digging. It’s a slippery slope! But if you happen to have enough sober brain in you to really think your drunk text through, here are some tips to making the experience as successful as possible (before your friends have to confiscate your phone):

  • Determine what time it is – Timing really means a lot in the drunk texting game. The later it is, the harder it will be to get in contact with the person you’re trying to reach. Prime texting hours are between 11pm and 2am. No later!
  • Keep it short – We know. You’ve got a lot to say. Edit it down a little before you press send! Less room for drunken error and more likely that the person on the other end will be into it.
  • No. Naked. Texts. – Just don’t do it. Keep your clothes on, and no one gets hurt.
  • Triple check the recipient – There’s nothing worse than crafting the perfect drunk text only to send it to the wrong person.
  • Never say “I love you” for the first time – Drunk texts are not the time or place for first time “I love yous.” Let them know how grateful you are to know them, how much you like spending time with them, etc. NO L words!!
  • Don’t get all serious – Drunk at 3 am is not the time to have that serious talk you’ve been putting off. Be silly, be fun, be drunk. Don’t get real.
  • Text with an agenda – Know what it is you want out of your drunk text before you go hitting send planlessly.
  • Don’t double text – If they don’t respond, let it lie.
  • Send a morning apology – Especially if they didn’t respond, a little “sorry about last night, I was drunk” couldn’t hurt!

But like we said, refrain if possible at all causes! Better to be safe than sorry! Tell us what you think @theMRLshow!