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Only Eat Factory-Wrapped Treats --- Yeah, it's great that people want to offer up healthy alternatives or home made treats, but it's not the safest option. Opposite idea, if you'd rather not hand out candy, hand out non-food related items.

We all love candy even though it’s not the greatest thing for us. But he’s some of the Best and Worst candies for us according to dentists.

Halloween is in less than two weeks, and whether you admit it or not you probably eat more candy around this time of year than any other. But all this sugar can’t be good for your teeth though, right?! Of course it’s not great for you, but you might be surprises to find out that there are some candies that are better for your teeth than others. A¬†survey by the American Dental Association finds that overall dentists agree that Chocolate is the best candy for your teeth. This is because it can wash off ones teeth easier¬†than other treats and it slows down bacteria that can cause tooth decay. Dark chocolate is preferred because it contains less sugar. The worst treats according to dentists include hard candy, gummy candy, caramels and sour candy. It’s also easier to break a teeth on these harder candies.

What types of candy do you give out for Halloween, let us know @theMRLshow

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