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What is the worst thing to shop for? Ladies this one is for you!

A new survey finds that 46% of women say they struggle with some sort of size or fit issue when shopping, which affects what they wear. Overall, half of women say finding pants that fit in both their waist and hips is their biggest issue. And when they do find something that fits, 66% of women say they buy multiples of that item.

Of course one of the reasons women have trouble is that a lot aren’t proud of their bodies. The survey finds that only 13% of women look for clothes that show off their body, while 53% actually look for items that will cover them up. Not surprisingly, hiding the belly is the top concern for most women (65%), followed by covering up their thighs (29%) and covering up their arms (27%). And because of all these issues, 57% of women believe that no clothes exist that fits their body type.

With all of this info we shouldn’t be shocked to find 43% of women say they struggle with body confidence, while 10% say they never feel confident. And that’s not all, the average woman only feels confident in their outfit four days per week.

Here’s what our listener friends had to say about this!

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