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We thought it went without saying that getting a tattoo on your eyeball is a less than stellar idea. Apparently not.

A Canadian model is now warning people to stay away from getting an eye tattoo after her experience went wrong. This 24 year old got a “scleral tattoo” in September. Scleral is the medical term for the white outer layer of your eyeball. UM OUCH!?

Now she is calling it a massive mistake and blaming an inexperienced tattoo artist.

~*PLEASE SHARE THIS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE*~ -Sclera Tattoo- (Whites of the eye tattoo)For everyone...

Posted by Catt Gallinger on Wednesday, September 20, 2017


This made us ask the question.. who else has made some tattoo mistakes? From an infection to male genitals.. our listeners don’t spare us any details in their own personal stories!




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