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Prepare yourself for October with these scary movie facts.

It’s Halloween season and with that comes the annual binge watching of horror films. Here are some facts about your favorite scary movies that might just make them even scarier.

  1. The Corpses in the Poltergeist pool scene were actually real skeletons.
  2. While filming the 2005 version of Amittyville Horror the cast and crew reported waking up at 3:15 am while filming. This is especially strange because this is the time Ryan Reynolds’ character wakes gets woke up in the film.
  3. In Candyman, Tony Todd had real bees that filled his mouth.
  4. On the first day of filming The Conjuring, Vera Farmiga went home and found three claw marks on her back.
  5. The schoolhouse from Alfred Hitchcocks The Birds is actually haunted. Residents who live nearby report hearing footsteps and children’s laughter coming from the school.
  6. Multiple actors who were on The Poltergeist died tragically during and after filming.

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