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Let’s face it no one will tell you like it is like your best friend will.

They aren’t afraid to tell you like it is or hurt your feelings, your best friends have your best interest at heart and sometimes it’s hard but it’s got t be done.

According to PopSugar.. these are the things only your best friend can tell you:

  • if the outfit you’re wearing just doesn’t jive
  • if you’re not giving your all, they can be the one to tell you to pick it up
  • if you’ve drank too much and need to cut it off
  • if you’re hanging with the wrong crowd they can be the one to tell you
  • if you’re self destructing
  • if you’ve gained weight
  • if you are in a toxic relationship and need out

We asked our listener friends to call in and tell us a time when they had to be the one to break hard news to their besties or when their besties broke it down for them. Listen below to hear all the crazy stories some of them had to hear the hard way!

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