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This airline went above and beyond to reunite a young girl with her teddy bear…

Ayla Johnson was traveling from Charlotte to Grand Caymen with her family and best friend for vacation just before the start of school. But she had to make sure her best friend Tito experienced every part of it with her. Ayla is 8-years-old and they had been together since she was born.

Shortly after the family boarded the plane, Ayla panicked when she realized Tito wasn’t there.

The flight attendant called the gate agent at the airport to look for Tito, who was sitting alone in a seat in the terminal. An American Airlines agent scooped Tito up and brought her to a gate agent. The gate agent brought the bear to the plane, but with the aircraft door already closed Tito couldn’t get on the plane.When pilot Jonathan Gyory learned about Tito and saw the bear in the gate agent’s arm, he slid open the window to the aircraft. The gate agent tossed Tito through the window and she safely landed in the pilot’s lap. As Gyory prepared for takeoff, he made sure Tito was safe in the cockpit.

Ayla couldn’t have been anymore happy to be reunited with her teddy, and American Airlines will definitely be who they fly with for any more trips! To get the full story click here! 

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PS.. Maney had a childhood bear too.. his looks to be in a little better shape than Tito.