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Ah, Reddit. What a wonderful website. After someone posted the question, “Teachers of Reddit, what is a secret you don’t want your students to know?” the internet went crazy and a bunch of secrets were revealed. 

Here’s some confessions…

  • “I occasionally pray for some students not to show up to give myself half of a chance that day. Legitimate prayers.”
  • “For helper tasks (taking lunch count, attendance to office, etc.), we choose badly behaved kids, not well behaved ones. Gives us a break from them, and gives them less time destroying things in the classroom.”
  • “I graded drunk all the time.”
  • “We fart and blame it on you.”
  • “When I say I’ve been too busy to grade their tests it’s almost always bull****.”
  • “Before I started dating their French teacher I was hooking up with their Math teacher… A year before that I was with their Grade 6 teacher.”


WOAH! We even opened up the phone lines and talked to a teacher who made the jump from Pre-K to high school!


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