Credit: Kostyazar / ThinkStock

Reunited And It Feels So Good

While walking along the water in Laguna Beach, California, Alex Noble stepped on something, thinking it was a rock, he bent over to take a closer look and discovered it was a camera buried in sand.

Noble brought the camera it to his girlfriend's brother, who was able to recover 172 pictures from the battered device. The photos were of a wedding, and hoping to find the couple, they uploaded the pictures to Facebook. So, letting Facebook do what it does best, the post was shared and sent through the cyber world and soon they heard good news from a friend of a friend: the couple in the pictures were newlyweds Heather and Kole, high school sweethearts who married in Laguna Beach two months earlier.

After their ceremony, Heather, Kole, and their guests placed all of their belongings on a sea wall. A big wave came in and pulled everything into the sea; Heather and Kole jumped into the ocean, trying to get the camera with their wedding pictures, but couldn't find it. Heather and Kole were shocked when they heard the camera had been found, and thankful. "There are not enough words to say how grateful we are," Heather told Inside Edition.

What a treasure it was indeed. Has anything like this ever happened to you where the power of good people and social media brought you to something you lost or from your past? Tell us @theMRLshow!