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AUDIO: Bowing Out Of A Relationship For The Wife

Was there ever a time you felt like you had to rightfully bow out of a relationship for them to be with someone else? It takes a big person to admit their significant other is better off with someone else...

After today's War of the Roses, Taryn rightfully bowed out and let long time boyfriend take the time to figure out if he still wanted to be with his ex wife after she caught him cheating when his little girl told her he saw daddy kissing mommy.

Now not just anyone would have been this nice, or understanding about the situation but it got us thinking how often does something like this happen. So our listener friends called in and told us when they had to bow out in order for the person they loved's happiness.

Listen below to hear their stories! And tell us if this happened to you and how you knew it was the right thing @theMRLshow!