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Calling all lazy Christmas decorators!! Don’t leave those lights up till January this year, we’ve got something that will give you the best lit house on the block in just one step!

The AtmosFX Digital Decorating Kit is a projecting screen you place in the yard that reflects lights on to your house without the hassle and labor of hanging and nailing all those lights around the house. And what’s even better? You can put it up and take it all down with just one button!

The AtmosFX Digital Decorating Kit includes:

  • Projector, Professional mounting tripod
  • Remote control (2 AAA batteries not included)
  • UL power adapter
  • Standard Window Projection Material
  • Digital Decorations SD Card with 14 pre-loaded scenes

For more on this steal check it out here! We’re sure Dallas is going to appreciate this one LauRen!