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So you really like him? Well here are 7 things you don’t want to mention so you don’t mess it up!

Don’t you wish you could read a man’s mind? I think we all do! But apparently there are 7 things you should never tell a man if you really like him. Here they are…

  1. “I’m so busy”

When you tell him how busy you are and what a crazy schedule you have he could be thinking any of the following: no time for me, she’s going to have a hard time committing, no time to hangout, and will cancel plans regularly. So, ladies…even if you are super woman busy, DON’T TELL HIM! Make the time and make yourself available.

2. “I’m so independent I can do anything myself”

When a man hears you say this…he is going to think you don’t need a man! You are too self-sufficient and don’t need any help! And even if this is true ladies, most men want to feel needed too! You many not NEED a man but if you WANT a man, stay clear of this phrase!

3. “What kind of car do you drive?”

Now we ain’t saying you a gold digger…but this will have him thinking you are! Even if you’re just trying to make conversation avoid this question! The last thing you want him to think is that you are in it for his money. Remember gold diggers don’t get second dates!

4. “My ex is the worst”

Please ladies, if you do anything DON’T TALK ABOUT YOUR EX! Talking about your ex strongly encourages that you’re not over them. Why would you bring up your ex if you’re with a new guy? Just don’t do it, you know you would be pissed if you’re on a first date and he’s constantly talking about his ex. Focus on him, no one else!

5. “My job sucks”

When you complain about your job, or anything really on the first date, you are down grading yourself dramatically!! Remember first impressions count, don’t tell him how much you hate your job, men want a happy confident woman but also stable! Show him the good side, before you start sharing all your troubles with him.

6. “Online dating stinks”

Don’t talk trash about other guys you’ve tried things with! No guy wants to hear about your past relations online and he may put his guard up and get defensive. You want him to think you’re a great catch who hasn’t been discovered by other men. If you bad talk your old flings he is going to think you attract men who aren’t interested. Remember help yourself out as much as possible. Don’t be undesirable!

7. “I’m so exhausted-what a day!”

Don’t treat him like a therapist on the first date!! He may be easy to talk to and you think he genuinely cares about your problems but HE DON’T! Don’t dump all your problems on him and try to make the conversation as pleasant as possible. He’s going to to think you are overwhelmed and lacking the vital energy he is seeking in the right woman for him.

So… ladies literally sit there, smile and look pretty because apparently guys are a lot more judgmental and sensitive than we thought. If you like him keep your crazy on the low for a little while, or at least till the third date. Hopefully these help you out some!

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