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LauRen, Roy & Producer Nicole took their first trip all together to Orlando this past weekend for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studio. Everyone made it back and they had a blast but there was one thing they found out about Producer Nicole that they had no warning for…

She talks in her sleep! Both nights while staying in the hotel Nicole said things in her sleep. One night sounded like she was calling a dog while the other night she casually said, “get out.” We figured this has happened to a lot of other people so we opened up the phone lines and talked to people who yelled something out in their sleep or found something out about a co-worker while on a work trip. Apparently it’s super common! A listener friend even one ups Producer Nicole when she tells her story of co-workers finding out that she, herself sleep walks.



What did you find out about a co-worker while on a work trip? Tweet us all the juicy deetz! @theMRLshow