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A new study finds that there’s a better chance that a relationship will work out if an attractive woman is paired with a less attractive due, rather than the other way around. Of course we had to test this out with our listener friends.

This study, stemming from Florida State University, finds out that when the guy is more attractive, women felt more pressure causing them to obsess about their diet and exercise, making them less happy. That’s right ladies and gentleman, science suggests that if the ladies want to be happy they should go after the frog, not the Prince.

We open up our phone lines and take phone calls from our listener friends who will admit to dating/marrying up.. we then realize more people are comfortable admitting that than we thought.. so we flipped the script and talked to people who wanted to admit that they married down and we find out why.  The MRL Show x Science Lesson.. lets’ go!




Maney & LauRen are our two married folks on the show.. both of which think they married up.. Take a look at these pics and tweet us your thoughts! Also tell us if you married up/down! @theMRLshow


Maney + Amanda

Always great chatting w #edsheeran

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LauRen & Dallas