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CMPD is reaching out to the community one wave at a time. 🙂

Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Department has started a new program called “Waves of Change” which was originally  by accident, but now it’s a movement they’re hoping will spread.

CMPD officer Chad Webster and his partner started the program in May as a way to get to know the community. Webster told NBC Charlotte, “It’s just kind of grassroots. We wave at people, if they wave back we get out, engage, let them know who we are. Let them get to know us.”

We would like to thank all of our officers who risk it all everyday in order to protect the beautiful Queen City we love! This program is a great way for people to get over that fear of officers and get behind the movement so that they can better do their job with the support of the community! #BlueLivesMatter

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