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We love stories on how someone proposed.  Probably because they are all unique and are just perfect for that couple.On the Whisper app, they’ve started a new thread having people share their romantic proposal stories and we can’t stop smiling or crying over some of these.

Check some of these heart jerkers down below:

  • “He slipped the ring on my finger in my sleep and proposed when I woke up…I said yes.”
  • “I proposed to my girlfriend by leading her to the ring and wedding vows that I buried in a time capsule after our first date five years ago. She said yes.”
  • “My fiancé proposed in the middle of the ‘Harry Potter’ tour in London, right on the front door step of number four privet drive…where the magic began…”
  • “When we were 14 my boyfriend proposed to me with a ring pop and everyone called us crazy…11 years later and the ring pop is now a four-carat diamond.”
  • “My fiancé proposed with the One Ring and asked me to be his precious.”
  • “I saw my boyfriend walk for the first time today. He walked to me and kissed me and did his best to get down on one knee. I’m engaged to the love of my life.”
  • “I was born deaf and I have implants/processors to help me hear. My boyfriend of four years just signed for the first time – he signed, ‘will you marry me?’”
  • “My girlfriend is going to Hawaii in June with her family. Little does she know, I’m secretly going to sneak out there with a ring and ask her to marry me on the beach.”
  • “My girlfriend wanted me to propose in private. So I proposed while we were cuddling in the bathtub. She said yes.”
  • “I proposed to my wife over the intercom on a flight to our vacation.”
  • “My girlfriend and I both run. Yesterday I took her out on a run through the park and paused by a fountain to tie my shoe. I proposed instead.”
  • “My boyfriend proposed on the beach yesterday. He wrote ‘will you marry me?’ in the sand and had someone secretly taking pictures. He gave me the experience I always dreamed of.”

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