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Joe Kohen/Getty Images for Disney

As happy as they make it seem at Disney parks, not everything is perfect there.  In fact, in some situations they use codes to prevent guests from hearing about a negative situation.

At Disney parks, the employees and cast members number one job is to keep up the vibe of it being the happiest place on earth.  And sometimes it comes at more of a challenge then you would think.  But as anywhere else incidents/accidents do happen so Disney has a list for its employees to use in case a situation occurs.

Here are some below:

  •  Disney staffers aren’t allowed to use negative language in front of guests so they’ve come up with some code words to use instead
  • A rude person is called a “treasured guest,” and when someone vomits they call it a “protein spill”
  • “Code Winnie” is used when kids pee in the pool, while a “white powder alert” is when someone distributes the ashes of a loved one at the park

So what do you think about Disney using these code words? Do you think it helps make your visit more magical? Let us know @theMRLShow.  We’ll be listening the next time we go!