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First dates can make or break the start of a relationship.  So planning on what you do should be a little more exciting than going out and getting drinks.

Here are a fun few ways to make your next first date not be the only one:

  • Go to a bar with arcade games. – This way you can drink AND have other things to do while you’re there.
  • Try a bookstore or a coffee shop. – You can just grab coffee with the person without relying on alcohol to loosen things up.
  • Go to an art gallery or museum exhibit. – This is a great way to get to know the other person’s tastes and dislikes. And you can get your creative juices flowing!
  • See an outdoor movie. – Okay, so this one only works in good weather, but it’s definitely a cool option!
  • Go to a bar with live music. – This might be a little loud, but it’s definitely a way to get yourself somewhere where you’re not the only source of entertainment.
  • Do the lamest, most touristy thing in your area. – There are so many things we miss out on doing because we live nearby and have never thought to do it. Today’s the day!
  • Visit a dog park. – Who doesn’t love bonding over pups??
  • Give a personalized walking tour of your favorite part of town. – If you have stuff you wanna show off, do it!
  • Hit up a farmer’s market. – This is super fun, and could totally end in you making dinner for each other or something.

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