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Over the weekend, Maney had to teach his four year old an important message that ended up fine.. but could have gone bad. That’s right, when Maney went shopping over the weekend his son was playing with some toy cars while in the shopping cart. Instead of putting them back like his parents asked him too.. he kept on playing with them and ended up forgetting them while in his jacket.

When Maney got home and found out, he had to sit his son down and explain to him what he had done and why it is wrong. Of course his kid got super upset and they had to go return it and apologize but this got us thinking.. has this happened to anyone else? We opened up the phone lines and they blew up! So many parents had hilarious stories of what their kids have accidentally taken or for one listener friend.. what happened when she told her three year that he couldn’t have what he wanted! What a great segment! Take a listen for yourself-


If your kid has ever accidentally shoplifted tweet us or send us a message and tell us your story! @TheMRLshow