The pumpkin spice season is upon us!

From the drink to pumpkin spiced-flavored snacks, it’s safe to say that people are obsessed. Well, thanks to one Etsy account, there’s not another item to add to your fall collection.


Heather Baker, who is known for her mineral makeup, is now selling a pumpkin spiced latter highlighter. That’s right! Your cheeks can now shimmer with pumpkins!

Her online store, which is named FeatherRiverBody, sells more than just the fun highlighter. According to her store, she also sells matte eye shadows, pigment shadows, shimmer shadows, highlighters, loose face makeup, blush and a variety of other bath products.


Since the product has been available online, makeup enthusiasts have been going insane. Currently, the pumpkin spiced highlighter is sold out. However, if you’re looking to purchase a pot, you can request the item from Heather.

For those who are used to a traditional color, an orange color highlighter may sound a little odd. When the product is applied to your cheekbones, it has a subtle burnt glow that is sure to look amazing. We promise you will not look like a jack-o-lantern! The color is definitely wearable on a daily basis and will look stunning in every light.


Each of these highlighters is handmade and sells for $12. For those people who have skin allergies, Baker posts all of her ingredients on her listings. You can easily contact her about products used just in case!


Make sure to hop on this new shade so soon as you can. We are sure it is going to spread as the pumpkin season gets closer. If the pumpkin spice isn’t your kind of shade, not to worry, she was a variety of other colors. We guarantee you are sure to find something that will perfectly match your skin tone.


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