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A high school in Utah is making students pay if they are late for school… yes pay fines… like money.

Now we know it’s not good to be late for school, however, one school in Utah may be taking it to the extreme.

Stansbury Park High School in Stansbury Park, Utah has instituted a new policy in which students will be fined if they are late for class. Kids will get by with a warning on their first late arrival but after that they’ll have to start paying up, $3 for their second late arrival, and $5 for each one after that.

I don’t know about you but if this were effective when I was in school my parents would have been extremely upset with all the money they’d be putting back into the school. But maybe this will fix the problem the faculty is having…or at least piss off a few parents to ensure their kids are on time from now on!

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