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It’s the list we’ve all been waiting for ladies… That’s right, the how to’s for getting your man to talk about his feelings he claims he doesn’t have!

We all know the one weakness every man shares is talking about his true feelings and opening up about them. And while he struggles in that category, us women can’t relate because that’s all we do. But now instead of getting into that reoccurring argument every time he won’t tell you what’s bothering him, try this list first!

  • Be trustworthy – For a guy to open up and share his deepest emotions with you, he has to trust you first.
  • Treat him as an equal – He’s your partner, so don’t treat him like a child.
  • Empathize what he does well – Remind your S.O. of the things he does well to ease his self-conscious feelings.
  • Don’t push the issues down his throat – Be gentle and non-judgemental, you want him to open up, not run away from the conversation.
  • Pick the right time – Don’t start asking about his feelings when he’s rushed or distracted, make sure he’s in the right head space first. Ease into “the” talk.
  • Use diversity – If you notice he’s starting to get aggravated, talk about something else and when the tension is gone, make your way back to the topic.
  • Watch your body language – Keep yourself cool and collected and don’t forget, you’re trying to make him feel safe and not judged.
  • Remember: It’s not about you – So listen closely and stay focused on him. Repeat things back to make sure you heard and understand them correctly. Taking the time to communicate like this is worth it for your relationship in the long run.

Now we can’t promise you this will work every time, but heck it’s worth a shot! Tell us how these tips have helped you and your love life! @theMRLshow!