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If you’re at the beach, chances are you’ll be having so much fun that you might forget to charge your phone, and of course beach selfies are an absolute must!  Well with today’s What LauRen Likes, we got you covered to prevent this disaster from happening.

The LUZPAC is a solar beach bag that can make your fun day in the sun even better by keeping your phone battery fully charged!  This bag is perfect for any outdoor festivities because of it’s lightweight and splash-resistant design.  On the back of the solar charging panel it also includes a USB-port and an extra pocket for all of your devices. The LUZPAC comes in a variety of colors and is only around $50.  For more info and details on this click here


We can’t wait to use our LUZPAC’s on our vacations this weekend! Send us a picture with yours @TheMRLShow.