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Every couple has their special things they like to do together but some things could come across as weird to others.

We found this list of weird things that happy couples do together and were baffled by some of the activities that were on this list.  The first for example is fighting….WHAT?!  Now a couple that hasn’t fought before more then likely doesn’t exist but the studies show that couples who fight are actually happy together.  Honestly, it seems strange but we understand this as it keeps the relationship more open.  Another one that we thought was over the top that made this list was “Talking About Poop”……ok???  Everyone poops but not everyone likes to discuss it (which includes us).  Studies show that couples who are open about “when nature calls” are more comfortable with each other.

Other activities on this list include:

  • Drinking Together
  • Looking at Cute Animals
  • Falling Asleep at the Same Time
  • Cooking Together
  • Exercising Together 


If you have a special thing that you like to do with you significant other that might seem strange to others let us know @TheMRLShow.  You know we have ours.