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The Hater app strikes again! And this time to let us know which is the most hated foods in your state! Think you can guess? Think again…some of these will shock you!

Our dearly beloved favorite southern fast food, Chick-fila-a was California’s most hated food!!! I still can’t get over it. Those crazy hippies…

But North Carolina’s may be just as surprising! Here were some of the most bizarre:

  • Florida – licorice
  • Hawaii – Coke
  • Texas – steak cooked well done
  • New York – ranch on pizza
  • Ohio – pesto
  • South Dakota – expensive cheese plates
  • Utah – balsamic vinegar
  • Colorado – Flaming Hot Cheetos
  • Louisiana – cookies with raisins
  • Alabama – Chipotle
  • Montana – Pumpkin Spice anything

Can’t say I disagree with Texas, but to find your states most hated foods check out the full list here! Tell us what you think @theMRLshow!