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We all know it. We’ve all seen it. Not only have we all seen NBC’s ‘This Is Us,” but we have all felt it, cried over it, and then cried some more during every single episode of Season 1. NBC just released a clip from the new season and it looks like season 2 will continue to pull at those heart strings.

These are real tears y’all. Real tears.

If you have not watched Season 1 of This Is Us yet, stop what you are doing and binge watch. You will not regret it. NBC stole the hearts of every viewer because of how real this show is. No matter what you are going through in your life at this given point, guaranteed you will find a way to connect to one of these actors.

At the end of Season 1 we still do not get the details on Jack’s untimely death. What we do know however is that the story line between Jack and Rebecca is honestly all anybody needs. With this first look into Season 2 you hear the pain in Rebecca’s voice when talking about Randell’s father Jack.

“Your father wasn’t perfect either, but he was pretty damn close.. as close as they come.”