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BRISTOL, ENGLAND - MAY 21: (EDITORS NOTE: Card details have been pixelated) In this photo illustration a debit card is seen being used in a chip and pin machine on May 21, 2015 in Bristol, England. Cashless payments have overtaken the use of use notes and coins for the first time according to the Payments Council. (Photo illustration by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

That’s right guys…size does matter, but probably not the size you’re thinking. This may surprise you to see what majority of women say is the most wanted thing from a man in a relationship!

You’ve got to have the big bucks guys! Yeah…credit score is the answer, and you better at least be in the 700’s according to recent polls. Women want stability! In the bank of course, because how else can we go on shopping sprees if your card is being declined.

Finances can really make or break the relationship! Check out what Maney, Roy, & LauRen had to say about this below and tell us what you think @theMRLshow!