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There’s no excuse now! That’s right, no matter what the event or location the heels are on to stay!

LauRen and girls all over the world have all had that moment where you sink those new pumps into ground practically breaking your heart thinking about how much time you’re going to spend cleaning off the damage! Who can blame you? It sucks having to get your precious babies muddy for an event you have no choice but to be at.

But now… there’s a solution! The high heel protectors ‘Grass Walkers’ is a flexible strip that adheres to the bottom of your favorite stilettos or pumps to keep them from sinking into the grass. The strip is sturdy, prevents damage to the heel and is practically invisible to the eye while wearing them.

This is perfect for outdoor events, weddings, or small cracks in the ground. There’s no reason to wear flats now ladies with this new must have accessory.

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