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There’s nothing worse than living in this day and age as a millennial than trying to explain yourself to your elders… No, we aren’t all that shallow guys and Yes, we do care about the important stuff too…

So what’s worse than trying to explain our new found political views, social media crazed lifestyles, and love for Starbucks? Here’s what we found:


  • Tell us about everything we’re “killing.” – We’re not KILLING anything, okay?? Stop blaming us.
  • Use millennial terms incorrectly. – Listen, if you don’t know the meaning of “woke,” “savage,” or “extra,” just don’t say them!
  • Manspread on public transit. – If there’s one thing millennials hate, it’s manspreaders. Close your legs, people!
  • Talk about climate change like it’s a myth. – It’s real, okay? And millennials know it.
  • Tell us when we should have children. – We’re taking our time, and we love our dogs. Leave the child bearing to our own discretion.
  • Don’t offer free wifi at your business. – Seriously?? It’s 2017!


And, while these are just a few, I’m sure we could have a list for days on more things that erk the nerves of millennials. Tell us what pisses you off about the reputations of millennials! @theMRLshow