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As you know, our intern Anais house/dog sat for LauRen this weekend while she was on vacation with baby Cash in Florida. And while LauRen made sure (with her nanny cams) that Anais did a great job, this isn’t always the case!

Let’s face it, we are all a little bit nosy when it comes to unfamiliar territory and I don’t know about you but, I know if you leave me in a new house I’m bound to snoop around and see what I’m working with! Whether it’s checking out what food I have to last me in the fridge or a peep of the wine collection, you know the house up and down before leaving like the back of your hand!

Intern Anais did an awesome job watching @laurenmerola's dog Woofer this weekend!

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But…not all people are the same. You can’t trust just anyone inside your home, but desperate times call for desperate measures and you might just have to ask the neighbors teenage daughter (who you know is a little sketchy) to feed the dogs while you’re gone!

So tell us about the worst house guest disaster you’ve encountered! Did you catch them moving furniture in your home? Stealing from your closet? Check out what our listener friends had to say when they let the wrong person watch their home and tell us your disaster tale @theMRLshow!