Know It Or Blow It With The KISS 95.1 Sales Team!

We've done it before so why not do it again? It's Friday & we want to have FUN! Since some of the KISS 95.1 sales team are brand new.. we decide to quiz them to see how much they really know about The MRL Show. Here's the catch.. if they answer the question correctly, they get to plug a client live on the radio (which is a big deal) but if they get it wrong Roy gets to take a leaf blower to their desk and everything on their desk is fair game!

We gave our sales team a little bit of a heads up last week when we told them we wanted to play Know It Or Blow it with us. So they had a week to stalk us, listen to us (which they do already!...or should do!) and ask questions. Our sales team definitely did their homework because we had a hard time stumping people this morning.

Watch for yourselves!



KNOW IT OR BLOW IT: Roy has a leaf blower and is blowing people's cubicles!

Posted by Kiss 95.1 Mornings on Friday, August 11, 2017


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