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Remember last year when we did the Walmart Prize Walk? We sent a listener to Walmart where we gave them specific stepping instructions and whenever we were done… whatever item they were in front of is what we would buy for them. They ended up winning fishing gear! Since LauRen is out today, we decided to bring back the Prize Walk with one condition… it would be at her house and the listener who plays gets to win an item from LauRen’s house!

LauRen is out today so of course when the boys come up with a goofy idea.. they run with it. That’s why we love ’em right!? As of the last time we spoke with LauRen yesterday she was under the impression that this would not be happening. As of this morning… it definitely happened and she did not know about it.


Let’s look on the bright side.. At least our listener participant didn’t end up in her closet.. that could have ended badly.


Listen to see what our contestant won from LauRen’s house!



All went fine & dandy and then we got a test message from Miss LauRen herself… who was apparently watching us on her nanny cam! We got caught! Of course she was a great sport about it.

Whoops!! Haha @laurenmerola nanny cam busted us giving something away from her house live on air.

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