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sad young adult holding rose and a sign that says "just dumped" as a break up concept

Everyone handles breakups differently, whether you’re the crazy ex that keys his car or the sappy hopeless romantic watching The Notebook eating your weight in Ben & Jerry’s, here are some of the craziest ways to forget him girl! 

You’ve heard the stories and seen the movies, but there’s nothing worse than a crazy ex! Especially if you’re the crazy ex; so here are some of the craziest things people have done to make you feel a little better about the 15 text messages you just sent him:

  • “The craziest thing I’ve done? Three different people in one day.” – Alyson, 30
  • “Drove over to the ex’s, stole his moped. Still riding it around.” – Ari, 24
  • “Photoshopped Jon Hamm’s face over his in literally every photo of us that exists.” – Jennifer, 29
  • “Quit my job.” – Cassie, 25
  • “Backpacked across Europe for eight weeks. Out of sight, out of mind.” – Sarah, 29
  • “Seduced his best friend.” – Angie, 24
  • “Shaved my head. Truly not a good look for me, but I needed a drastic change.” – Emily, 26
  • “Slept with the ex’s little brother. He came home just in time to find out.” – Tori, 24
  • “Moved in with his ex…and eventually married her.” – Adrian, 28

Our listener friends called in and told us some of the crazy ways they’ve attempted to get over their ex lovers! Listen below for their stories and let us know what you’ve tried to forget that one significant other that made you feel a little off your rocker @theMRLshow!