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So… as hard as it would be to start your day without your favorite sweet little brown drink, these stats might just change your mind!

According to recent studies, it might shock you on exactly how much money you could save by not spending that $4.60 every morning before work.

If you quit for one day, with the $9.20 you spend, assuming you have at least two cups, because who can just have one? You could buy a magazine for your ride to work or a cocktail to take off the ease at the end of the day.

If you quit for one week, you would have on average saved $64.40, and with that you can treat yourself to a mani/pedi, a massage, a fresh blowout, or a couple bottles of wine. And if we have to weigh the odds of coffee or alcohol, wine night sounds a lot more appealing in my book.

If you quit for one month, you have now saved about $257.60, and that’s enough to have some serious ‘me time’. You could afford a fancy hotel staycation, spa day, or buy those super cute new pumps you’ve been eyeballing for the past month! Do it girl, you deserve it you sacrificed coffee for a whole month now!

If you quit for six months, you will honestly be shocked to realize that in just half a year, you have now saved $1,545.60!!! Whoaaa!! You can now take that trip to Hawaii or Europe you’ve always dreamed of! Not only that, but ladies you can afford laser hair removal on your legs and never have to shave again! If that’s not convincing then I don’t know what is.

So lets say you make it a whole year, a whole 365 days without coffee, you have now saved $3,200! Think about not only the shopping spree, but bills or loans you can pay off, that’s a down payment on a brand new car if you ask me! And at this point you’re probably going a little crazy without it, you might as well go big or go home!

Now, for some, even this isn’t enough to break that sweet addiction you have to make time for every day, but it sure is something to think about! Tell us what you think @theMRLshow!