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As much as much we hate to admit it, sometimes who we want just isn’t the one for us. We came across a list of red flags that’ll let you know off gate.. they just aren’t for you ):

Here’s the list:

  • Someone overly intense who always has to control everything.
  • Anyone who’s a huge narcissist (we all are sometimes, but when it’s to a fault, it’s no good).
  • Someone who is too focused on themselves to care about you.
  • Age differences are totally okay, but if you’re dating someone 20-30 years older, it probably won’t work out.
  • Pay attention to how he talks to other people in his life – his family, friends, and even waiters and waitresses.
  • Watch out for people who aren’t open to new experiences.
  • Check out this person’s friends. Are they good people?
  • Make sure they share your values.

Our listener friends had to call in as well to add to our list, listen to what they had to say and let us know some red flags you know of! @theMRLshow