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Maney and Roy faced with LauRen with what they thought was a hard task of spending 10 millions in just a day. We know your curious to know.. can she?!

What were Roy and Maney thinking when they put LauRen up to this? They must’ve forgot shopping is her forte. Here’s the list of what shes spending her 10 million on

  • $410,000 watch
  • $116,940 Hermes gator skin bag
  • $6,250,000 house in South Park
  • $124,100 Mercedes car
  • $280,000 a week in a 40k a night hotel in Dubai
  • $250,000 Pay off Florida condo & 2 cars
  • $120,000 3 chestnut Arabian horses @60k each
  • $331,200 12 bottles of Ace Of Spades Champagne @ $27,600 a case
  • $100,000 to upgrade current wedding ring
  • $500,000 1 piece of art signed by Warhol
  • $200,000 Waxhaw Farm
  • $100,000 2 person staff
  • $500,000 Furnish her new south park home
  • $14,400 Panthers
  • $ 42,000 Hornets
  • $54,000 concerts, meet and greets (one concert a month)
  • $90,000 husband a 10 guns @9k each
  • $320,000 Baby Cashs college funds (assuming he goes to a ivy league school)
  • $110,000 1st class 1 way trip to Dubai @10k

Invite list: (Cash,Sandra,Dallas,Dana,AJ,Bev,Buddy,Shaye,Mike,Gigi,Vinny,Brea)

Good to know you love us here at the MRl show LauRen *eye roll*. So the answer to the million dollar question is.. HECK YEAH. If you ever need somewhere to spend money you know who to call, shes got you covered.

Could you spend $10 million dollars ?!? Our @laurenmerola could ???? #fakecash #challange

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