What LauRen Likes: Fry Cup holder

Every time we drive past our favorite fast food restaurant and the delicious smell of the french fries enters your car usually leads to you pulling over.  For years now, eating fries in the car has not been an easy task, but with today's What LauRen Likes, we have a game changer!  As today's What LauRen Likes we present to you one of our favorites yet, The Fry Cup holder! The Fry Cup holder is the perfect way to eat french fries in your car and just starts at $5.99! It's a small plastic container that fits perfectly in the console of your car.  It holds any standard french fry carton and keeps your fries secure in the holder slot.  It also can be used to hold loose objects for your kids such as crayons and juice boxes.


Hurry up and get yours here now, we did.