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Woman having a nail manicure in a beauty salon with a closeup view of a beautician applying rich purple nail varnish with an applicator

Science has finally told us what makes women more attractive to men — check it out!

Courtesy of Byrdie, we had the opportunity to check out a scientific perspective on the exact traits that make women appear more attractive to men. The article cites various anonymous studies, compiling this list of the most attractive features:

  • Bright, pearly-white teeth — everyone loves good teeth, including men!
  • Red lipstick — apparently men are just intrinsically attracted to the color red on women
  • Larger hips-to-waist ratio — big hips are in, according to men
  • Higher voice — in addition, men are into breathy voices
  • Brunette beauty — while everyone says that blondes have more fun, brunettes are getting all the looks!
  • Less makeup — natural beauty is the way to go; everyone’s got some!
  • Longer arms — if you don’t have long legs, having long arms will do the trick!

Want to read in more detail why men are attracted to these features? Check out the complete article here!

Men, what do you find to be the most attractive trait in a woman? Give us your take @TheMRLshow