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Did Justin Bieber Cancel His Tour To Start His Own Church?

Earlier this week Justin Bieber canceled the rest of his "Purpose World Tour" citing exhaustion, but could the real reason be because Justin wishes to start his own church?

Justin Bieber decided to call it quits for the rest of his "Purpose World Tour" due to unforseen circumstances. Several sources close to Bieber later commented that the 23 year old was exhausted, which he should be.. he's been on this tour for the last 2 years almost. Not everybody understood that though.

On the flip side, others gave him praise and supported his decision.


Justin spoke out himself to paparazzi saying that a lot of relaxation was going to occur now that he is no longer on tour.


Others on the other hand are calling BS. Sources are telling TMZ that Bieber made this decision so he could "rededicate his life to Christ." As seen on various forms of social media Bieber has been joined by the hip with Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz lately.

A report out of Austrailer claims that Bieber pulled the plug so he could start his own church. Despite these stories, Bieber is insisting that religion played no role in his decision to cancel the rest of his tour.

"I am led to believe that the real reason he has come off the road is because he wants to reconnect with his faith and he may be even planning to start his own church," Aussie entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins told "Today Extra." "Whether he's looking at teaming up with them in something of a more permanent situation or doing some sort of religious activity on his own - starting his own church - we're not quite sure."