If you fly enough, eventually you’re going to run into a situation where you make it to a city and your bags don’t.

Normally this isn’t a huge deal. You wear the same clothes until you get reunited with your luggage and all is well, albeit a little dirty. But if you happened to pack the tuxedo you were going to get married in with your checked baggage, this becomes more of an issue.

This is exactly what happened to one groom-to-be, who was headed to Iceland for his wedding. The initial source, Reddit, was picked up by The Sun, sharing the whole debacle.

While, of course, the man was flustered about the whole thing, he made the best of the situation, finding a hilarious way to troll Delta for losing his wedding attire:


While we have to hope that this wasn’t *actually* what he got married in, he gets major points for creativity and a sense of humor as he reminds the airline about what they’ve done wrong. Plus it’s a great story to tell the grandkids.


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