Who doesn’t love a good scary movie?!

I’m a HUGE fan of horror/thriller movies.

The scarier, the better.

So if you haven’t watched these 3 movies on Netflix, get some friends together, turn off the lights, and enjoy!


1. Hush

This is my number one movie on Netflix right now! It’s based on a deaf writer who has relocated into a house in the woods for more peace and quiet. Creepy house in the woods + darkness + masked killer = perfect scary movie!

2. The Babadook

This movie is a 2014 Australian psychological horror film. The plot surrounded a single mother who just lost her husband. During her struggle, her little son is scared that a “monster” is in the house. Let’s just say, you’ll never want to hear the word babadook after watching this…

3. The Invitation

After losing a child and divorcing, the ex-husband returns to the house for a dinner party with old friends; including his ex-wife and her new husband.

This movie is based in California and the twist is just terrifying.




I mean… talk about a classic. I love going back to this slasher movie. If you haven’t seen it, what have you been doing?! Obviously, it’s about a teenage girl who is terrorized by a masked killer, a year after the murder of her mom.


What are your favorite movies?! Let me know @onairwithalexa