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Watch: This Woman Remixed Her Husband's Snoring to "Despacito"

We all know that having a partner who snores is next-level annoying.

But if you've tried ear plugs, nose strips, kicking them in the ribs, and sleeping with a fan, sometimes all you can do is have a little fun with it. One woman took this to the extreme. She recorded four years worth of her husband's snores, and then remixed all of the clips together until the sounds perfectly matched the hit song "Despacito." It's actually pretty amazing, check it out:

#Despacito with snoring - Despacito con ronquidos

This woman record her husband for 4 years, and this is what she made! // Esta mujer grabó a su marido roncando por 4 años. He aquí lo que ella hizo!

Will this help her get a more restful night's sleep? Definitely not. But if you can't fix the problem, at least you can become a viral YouTube star.


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