Alfred Angelo Bridal Closes 60 Stores, Panic Rightfully Ensues

Brides across the nation have been left scrambling after Alfred Angelo, one of the world's largest wedding dress manufacturers, shutters five dozen stores.

Imagine it: you're a soon-to-be-bride gearing up for your big day and you've been relying on Alfred Angelo to help you find your dress, only to see your trusted location close up overnight. Sadly, this is currently the reality for many women right now, as 60 of these stores mysteriously closed overnight after the company filed for bankruptcy a few days ago. People have reported ordering wedding dresses for upcoming weddings, only to learn that they will never receive them after all. How infuriating would that be, to find the perfect dress for your wedding only to see it vanish right in front of your eyes? Hopefully, all of the stranded brides will find their way and find new dresses for their special days.

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